Battle Wizard Attack

Defeat All Monsters With Your Magic Power


Bombardment - the real-time battleship game for 1-2 players on the same device.

Battle Wizard Attack

You are a mighty Battle Wizard. Defeat all skeletons with you powerful magic.

Love Cash Clicker

Touch the heart and buy gifts to reach the highest score within the given time..

Unicorn Sky Ride

You are a fabulous unicorn. Collect all sugar cubes. Reach the best score.


Try to manoeuvre the Drinkingjay through the obstacles on its way home..

Barff Brain Training

Train your brain. You have to listen to and repeat the sounds of farm animals.

Hit Spit

Hit all the fish bones of the right color that are coming up from the pipes..

Lucky Charm Clicker

Gain as much luck as possible within the time by touching the shamrock.

Brain Star

Train your Brain. Touch the stars in the correct order within the time to score..

Just Duck

Don't know what to say. It's just duck :-) Touch it and you will find it out!